Entrepreneur Country – Ariadne Capital Event

Yesterday’s Entrepreneur Country event at the IOD in Pall Mall was an invite only occasion and what an extremely good event it was too. A great spread of companies attended, both startup and established. The mix of entrepreneur to investor felt proportionately good also. 

Some of the early stage companies that were on show were:  Aftershadow, Dial2Do, Momail, Nooked, Real Life, SaaSPlex, Spinvox, Teamer, VyroGames, Zerotwonine, and BView.

After the welcome and opening remarks from Craig Dwyer and Julie Meyer respectively, there came a blinding opening keynote from Sir Paul Judge (Enterprise Education Trust) on ‘Risk and Enterprise.’ I wish I had taken notes to relay an outline of it here. If I am fortunate to attend another then I promise I will scribble down all the best bits.

All the keynotes were excellent and because of the diversity in the nature of the businesses (Cafe Nero, Thunderhead, Betfair and Good Data Corp), each brought interesting takes on revenue generation and income streams within their respective business sectors. I personally really enjoyed the presentation from SliceThePie, who really do seem to have a good perspective on how the music industry of the near future might look and how new revenue models may be configured. 

The event had a space to showcase and also give voice to a few of the Irish companies that were taking part. They were joined by Enterprise Ireland (website here).

Watch this space for more Ariadne news soon. The Entrepreneur Country website is now live and can be seen here.


About Aristos Peters
I work rest and play in the digital space, with particular interest in digital startup companies and their need for seed, angel and VC investment. As a NED, I have worked with several start-ups, taking them through funding rounds and also work on investment acceleration and business growth helping companies to become investment ready. Currently about to launch the startup fundraising app D RISK IT (www.drisk.it).

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