iPhone App Revenues

Although there are some great developer success stories, it’s not all glory for mobile app developers. Streaming Colour (the makers of an iPhone game widget) explain their revenues from a $4.99 iPhone game they have made called Dapple. This article is quite interesting because the metrics of costs and royalties are broken down. He has incurred a heavy front-end development cost of $32,000, which gives his break-even of around selling 9,150 units but has sold around 151 copies, despite great reviews. His next step is to bring the price point down by producing a ‘lite’ version with the hope of bringing in more volume.

The full article can be seen here.


About Aristos Peters
I work rest and play in the digital space, with particular interest in digital startup companies and their need for seed, angel and VC investment. As a NED, I have worked with several start-ups, taking them through funding rounds and also work on investment acceleration and business growth helping companies to become investment ready. Currently about to launch the startup fundraising app D RISK IT (www.drisk.it).

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