I work in and around the area of early stage investment funding. I work with companies that are generally ready and have got themselves into a fit enough state to talk to investors and investing groups. Just like investors, I select just a small number of businesses to work with in a year, which means I look for businesses that have a well prepared, thought-through and tested business case. I look for a founder and/or team that will be able to cope with accelerating a start-up and I look for a business that has gone some way to validating or proving its traction or business proposition. I am a former business manager/owner and entrepreneur within the digital landscape and am familiar with the entrepreneurial juggling act and the sheer force of energy and focus that is needed to grow a business from scratch.

I work with startups, early stage and established companies to grow and accelerate them by shaping their growth or expansion strategies and by identifying investment and funding sources. I’m a deal-flow source to angel investors, accelerators, VCs and other investment groups. Occasional speaker and sometimes article contributor for www.ibusinessangel.com and www.alphaversion.co.uk

•  My name  –  Aristos Peters

•  My Linked In profile  –  here.

•  My Twitters  –  @weklik  and  @DRisk_App

•  My Email  –  apeters (at) weklik.co.uk

•  Follow Aristos Peters on Quora

•  D RISK IT ‘fundraising app’ (in beta launch)  –  www.drisk.it


I started my little blogging corner of the Internet in January 2009, excited after picking up on the US early stage investment groups such as Y Combinator and Techstars, as well as our own Seedcamp here in Europe.

The themes and areas focused on are based upon what I am seeing in the early stage investment funding space, picking up on issues relating to businesses as they approach growth capital and angel investment. I also just share my general musings on aspects of the digital landscape from time to time.

I come across and meet many businesses looking for angel investors and their investment assistance. I use this blog to share some of my experiences in the dialogue and activity between entrepreneurial founders and angel investors.

I am hoping to develop a really useful resource section that shares different tools and information for those looking to develop their businesses via angel investment. So if you have any good links or information on this that you think might helpfully swell the pages of this blog, do send it over or make contact.

I’d love to hear from you so please do feel to introduce yourself and I’d be really interested to hear your thoughts on what you’d  like to see in here. Please do take my RSS feed, or bookmark this blog. Thank you to those that have comment on an articles so far – keep them coming.

Additionally,  if you are a startup with a digital/web based idea looking for funding and would like to get your idea before business angels or VCs, get in touch. If I can’t do anything myself, I might be able to give some pointers.



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