Deal Activity

Below are a selection of businesses currently looking for finance. Please feel free to make contact about any of these (apeters @ 

•  B2B Sales & Marketing Automation (£150k):

‘Enterprise level, software for corporate sales and marketing teams to store, share, publish, analyse and measure the effectiveness of company promotional assets.’ The company has found a way for corporate sales and marketing teams to save money and better manage and measure their media asset effectiveness. With a prototyped product ready, they are preparing for its commercial trial phase in March/April 2013. First revenues are expected within 6 months from investment and costs of £100k have been self-funded by the founders. The business has high future profitability levels, plus the ability to be seen as an attractive acquisition opportunity by larger competitors with narrow offerings or by institutional investors.

Executive summary –> ES.

•  In-Car Driver Performance App (£200k):

A commercial opportunity around car vehicle owner/driver telematics (the data derived from analytics on car driver behaviour patterns). The opportunity brings together and benefits both car drivers and associated industry supply services, such as car insurers and car product makers etc. The product makes for both a simple and helpful way to help drivers record and improve their driving habits via their smartphone, whilst getting commercial rewards and journey/vehicle related services or products.

Executive summary –> ES.


•  File Sharing Software (£600k):  FUNDING SECURED May 2012.

Round is closing as the company has reached its minimum funding requirement but still has room for a further £50-100k. More details to follow.


•  Mobile International Money Transfer App (£50k – SEIS): 

The company have self funded technical development to date and are looking for seed investment to complete development and undertake early sales & marketing activity. Please contact for further details.  Executive summary available upon request only.


•  Education Sector / Finance Service (£350k):

A concept stage opportunity with a top international team who are looking for investment to build a finance based technology platform serving the education sector. Various delivery partners and customers validated and in place.  Executive summary available upon request only.


• Defence & Flood Barrier Products (£150k):  FUNDING SECURED Jan 2011.

An equity investment of £150k in this EIS approved company is being sought to launch two new product ranges, which includes the launch of a Military Protective Fence product and to secure the final testing to BSI accreditation of a unique Flood Barrier.  The business has strong IP and exclusive  European licensed technology that benefits from being based on recycled materials.  The business operates in high margins sectors with global opportunities.

The company currently operates in the flood sector providing a nationwide service to businesses, local authorities and homeowners as a supplier of specialist flood protection products. The company is perfectly placed to take a dominant market position in two high-margin product sectors secured by licences and patents.

Homeland Security Training Company (£360k):  FUNDING SECURED JULY 2010.

An opportunity to invest in an established security training company that has both international reach and excellent growth opportunities. The only major player offering accredited security related training in both action and classroom based formats, this company has had several trade sale offers but would prefer to increase their value first via an investment round, before eventually accepting trade sale offers.


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